Questions to Ask Your Wedding Photographer


Are you the only photographer in this company? If I hire you, am I guaranteed that you will be the one showing up to shoot my wedding? If yes, can I get that in writing?


If you hire me, I personally will be the one who shows up to photograph your wedding. You have entrusted your special day to me and with me it will stay. I will put that in writing if you wish



Is the work that I am seeing all yours and only yours or is it a compilation of work from more than one photographer?


Every photograph in on my website or in my printed portfolio was personally shot be me, worked on by me (in the digital darkroom). I do use a professional lab to create my prints on photo paper.



Do you offer traditional wedding photography? Photojournalism? Or both?


I offer both styles a mix of traditional posed shots and photojournalistic shots where I catch the true day for you to remember



Am I limited to the number of photographs you will take?


Definitely not!. Since I shoot digital I am not limited by the number of rolls of film I carry or type of film. Every shot I take can be colour, Black and White, Sepia, duo-toned or hand coloured to your liking. as a note on average I shoot over 800 shots at a wedding.



Is unlimited coverage included in your packages or is there an extra fee for all day coverage? Are you willing to come extra early to get shots of us (the couple) before the ceremony if we choose to do that? Would there be a fee for this?


All my packages are unlimited coverage. I don't watch the clock (I am to busy working for you). You tell me where I am to be and I will be there. Plain and simple! You are the boss!!! I will not leave your reception until you get sick of me and tell me to go home. Honest...



Do your packages include one or two photographers and is there an extra fee for a second photographer?


All my packages include me only. I however have a network of fellow wedding professionals I can call upon to act as a second photographer should you require 2 or more photographers.

Do you offer hand coloring for B/Ws, digital coloring for B/Ws or digital color separation? If so, are these services included in your packages or do you charge a fee for these?


Yes I do offer all of these at no extra charge. In fact you will probably get variations on the CD that I provide. as I go through your shots I see things and get ideas and take the time to use my creativity to enhance your shots. If there is a particular shot you want done in a different way feel free to contact me I will be glad to do this for you at no extra cost



Do you work with an assistant?


No I do work alone. To me it is easier this way. I can build a rapport with you and your fiance and work better for you this way.



How far will you travel to a wedding before charging a travel fee?


I try to take clients within the Winnipeg city limits. I have traveled to other cities such as Halifax, Vancouver and Toronto for weddings but for this travel and expenses (hotel & Transportation) are charged.

Do you charge a fee if the wedding and reception are in more than one location? What if we want to go to a third location for pictures? Is there a charge for this?

Unlimited is just that, Unlimited. I don't count locations. You are in charge here and you know where you want your photos.



Do you offer a website and CD of my images? If so, is this included in the packages or this is an extra fee?


I post all your photos (the good the bad and the ugly, as I tell my clients jokingly) on my website. including variations such as black and white, sepia and hand coloured photos. I will also deliver you a CD with all your photos on it (looks just like your section of my website) you can run a slideshow and sit back and relax as your memories scroll by. There are no extra fees for this.


If your packages are not what I am looking for, would you be willing to try to customize a package for me that is within my budget?


If you don't see something in my packages you like you and I can sit down and customize a package to satisfy your 100%



Do you offer only traditional albums or do you have a wide variety of options to choose from including any coffee table style books?

I offer many varieties of albums and books from traditional to new out of the box designs such as:

If you don't see something you like let me know I will do my best to get what is in your desires.

Is color and B/W photography included or is there an extra fee for B/W?


All photographs can be anything you desire. Colour, black and white, sepia, duo-tones, black and white with a splash or colour, anything. There is never an extra charge


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